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Healthcare environmental impact is nowadays driving a "revolution" towards more sustainable practices. Among the medical specialities, nephrology is the most resource-consuming and unsustainable, therefore requiring urgent debate and actionable strategies to address the issue.
The nephrology service of Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental is organizing its XXIIIrd annual symposium and, this year (2023) we will focus on the subject of nephrology's sustainability. This will be the first national nephrological community reunion exclusively dedicated to the topic, and we expect to involve governmental and regulatory authorities and achieve a significant national impact. We are already challenging many of the classical features of scientific meetings, through organizing it on a hybrid format, paperless, focused in recyclability, and measuring its carbon footprint.

We are looking forward to seeing you in February!

The Service Directorate

Maria Augusta Gaspar

The Organizing Committee

Ivo Laranjinha

Patrícia Matias

Margarida Gonçalves

Elisabete Avelar

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Executive Secretariat

AIM Group International - Lisbon Office

T. +351 21 324 50 55



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